Powell Forest Canoe Circuit Trips

Pristine Water. Magestic Mountains. Amazing Vistas

Trip Details

  • Date: Sun, July 17, 2016 – Sat, July 23, 2016
  • Location: Powell Forest
  • Distance: Approx 114 kms
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About the Powell Forest Canoe Route

The Powell Forest Canoe Route is in Powell River at the top of the Sunshine Coast in B.C.

We have not been here yet, so this is an exploratory trip. That said, it is a popular route and should be quite easy to do.

It is a short 57 km trip over 8 lakes connected by 5 portages ranging from an easy 700 metres to a less easy 2.4 kms. That being said, one end of the trip doesn't catch up to the other end, and having to shuttle around is a pain. Do you know what's more of a pain? Doubling back! That's what we're going to do, follow the shore one way, follow the opposite shore on the way back.

Total length: 114 kms!