Canoe Trip Qualifications

Just What Are the Qualifications to Go on a Canoe Trip?

Anyone with the right attitude.

Canoe trips aren't usually overly physically demanding -- the most strenuous thing of any expedition is the change from your ordinary routine. The 0 to 50 kilometers paddled each day will range from super easy and relaxing to a blister-building swearfest. There will be plenty of relaxing in the sun and sitting around a campfire, but there's also quite a bit of work to do each day like building camp, collecting firewood, packing and unpacking.

You need to be able to:

  1. Swim
  2. Walk and hike
  3. Eat most anything. Right now we can't accommodate specialty diets.
  4. Not have a substance abuse problem
  5. Be physically capable of paddling a canoe
  6. Poop in the woods (don't worry, we'll teach you how to do this in an environmentally friendly way, mainly using interpretive dance and emoticons)

Safety First

While we always hope for the best, we always have to plan for the worst.

I'll have emergency equipment and a Spot satellite GPS messenger in case we need urgent help. I take no chances when it comes to safety, for example everybody must always wear a PFD when on the water. Period. A life jacket doesn't do you any good if you're sitting on it. One unexpected dunk into cold water can shock you into a state of panic really easily. Likewise, I know how to keep food away from bears and critters and have not had a negative incident with wildlife so far.

That doesn't mean something bad can't or won't happen. I've had plenty of close calls. I have run out of food because of weather and other circumstances. I have had to deal with burns and have had to abandon trips because of injuries and weather. That's life.

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